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Parachutist Landing at Shobdon Airfield, Leomister, Herefordshire,HR6 9NR

Tiger Aviation (Engineering)

  • Tiger Aviation - The people who look after our Helicopters and would like to look after yours. Experienced and well qualified Engineers who enjoy the art of perfectionism and apply it to your Helicopter.


  • UK CAA - The Civil Aviation Authority is recognized as the UK's National Authority. Their site provides information and news on the areas of its responsibilities which include:- Air Safety, Economic Regulation and Consumer Protection.

  • EASA - The European Aviation Safety Agency is now responsible for all Aviation Law in the European Economic Area including (voluntarily - Iceland and Norway). We use the section of their regulation called "Part FCL" which provides information about Flight Crew Licenses' and Medical Certificates.

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Other Activities on the Airfield

Aerial view of Tiger Helicopters Flying School
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