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Helicopter Pilot School

Become a helicopter pilot at our helicopter pilot school

From our aerodrome in Leominster, you can learn how to pilot a helicopter. Whether you have never flown before or if you are a commercial pilot or flight instructor – all are welcome at our helicopter pilot school.

Why use Tiger’s Helicopter Pilot School?

- Our helicopter pilot school location is in the Herefordshire countryside.
- Friendly airfield without long holding times for your flying lesson to take place in.
- No hidden extras to be charged for
- Your own personal instructor for your flying lesson.

With the demand for helicopter pilots increasing, now is a great time to join a helicopter pilot school. Whether it is for a hobby or a potential new career, Tiger will help you achieve your goals.

What happens in the helicopter pilot school?

You are taught to fly using either the Robinson R22, R44 or Bell 206 JetRanger.  To obtain your Private Pilot License in your helicopter lessons you are required to fly a minimum of 45 hours which is reduced to 39 hours if you have an aeroplane license.

FREE trial flying lesson

Tiger offer a FREE guided tour of our facilities for helicopter lessons, which includes a FREE, no obligation trial lesson in our of our R22 helicopters.

To book a FREE trial flying lesson, use the form below.

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