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Career Options 

After obtaining your PPL you can then take the next step in becoming a Commercial Pilot here at Tiger.

Your Career in Helicopter Flying


Having obtained your PPL(H), you must now acquire further experience in order to advance your career and become qualified to earn money as a Helicopter Pilot.

Hour Building

Your next step in gaining further experience is hour building. This is the term used in the industry to describe the approved and structured program, which enables you to achieve the pre-entry requirements for the Commercial Modular course we offer. These are: -

  1. Obtain 155 Hours total time in helicopters

  2. 50 hours of this must be pilot in command (PIC)

  3. Obtain a pass in all of the CPL or ATPL ground exams.


During your hour building, you will increase your skills as a helicopter pilot. You will undertake many flights around the country, experiencing flight in controlled and military airspace. Flights through the London Heli-routes and at least one flight to France can be experienced. You will also practice and perfect normal manoeuvres.

Commercial Modular Course

Once you have met all the pre-entry requirements you can enrol on our approved CPL modular course. This consists of: -

  1. A minimum of 35 hours of flight training.

  2. A minimum of 10 hours of Instrument training.

  3. A minimum of and 5 hours of Night training.


Once completed you will be able to take the Commercial Skills Test here at Shobdon and your new career as a Helicopter Pilot may now begin.


We can also assist you in trying to find your first job as a Commercial Pilot. You may however wish to consider a career as a Flying Instructor or a Multi Engine, Instrument rated pilot (needed for Off Shore Multi Crew work and soon for Air Ambulance and Police work).

Flying Instructor Course

Before starting the course you need to have completed at least 220 hours total flying time including 100 hours PIC (200 for a PPL holder).The course covers all aspects of helicopter flying and teaching techniques. You will learn how to prepare and present briefings, how to conduct each flight exercise and to perfect flying from the left hand seat. This course consists of: -

  1. A minimum of 30 hours of dual flying instruction

  2. A minimum of 125 hours of ground instruction


At the end of the course you will be examined by a CAA Flight Instructor Examiner. Once passed it will mean you can now enjoy what many have found to be a satisfying and rewarding career teaching others to fly helicopters.


Raising the money for your new career.

It is fair to say that each and everyone of us are of differing financial means. The variety of our backgrounds, personal status and situation, means that there is no standard way that people put together the necessary financial package.


All of the flying staff at Tiger Helicopters have, at one time or another, faced this very problem "How will I find the money to become a Helicopter Pilot?"


There are many ways to help finance your new career and we will be happy to help you find your way through the maze of options open to you. We can explain in more detail which of the following options are best suited to you personally.


Claim the VAT back? We can explain how to set yourself up as a business with VAT Registration.


Bank Loans

We can advise on preparation of business plans and cash flow forecasts. This will increase your chances of obtaining a loan and reduce the risk element involved.

The London Ey Aerial view from a helicopter
Aerial view of the City of London from a Helicopter
Aerial view of 09 Left at LHR from a helicopter
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