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Extra Curricular Activity

Extra Curricular Activity

Get away from those standard school subjects. Remember you can be any age to fly a Helicopter...

Extra Curricular Activity

Extra Curricular Activity

Come and learn to fly in the evenings after school or on the weekends!


Helicopter Training as a Hobby and possible Career


Many people who are studying for their GCSEs or A Levels need to have time out to unwind. Rather than playing on the Xbox or PlayStation it's much more exciting to do the real thing and fly a helicopter.

We have several graduates who have qualified as helicopter pilots even before taking their Driving Test!

It's fun, it can be achieved in your spare time without affecting your studies and your license is valid for life

When you graduate you can hire our helicopters and take friends and family sightseeing, visit different areas of the country, as well as fly abroad. There are over 2000 places to land around the UK including hotels, clubs, racecourses, private sites and airports. We can also assess your own back garden!

The advantages of training with Tiger Helicopters

  • Ideal training location over the beautiful Herefordshire countryside

  • Friendly Airfield without long holding times

  • No excessive landing fees or hidden extras

  • Friendly club atmosphere and active social scene.

  • Highly qualified flight training staff.

  • Your own personal instructor.

  • Flexible scheduling to suit you.

  • Assistance with financial planning and personalised career plan.

  • Transport & accommodation available if required.

  • Job placement assistance.

  • Excellent safety record

PPL Course   Commercial Route

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