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About Our Operation 

Our Aerial Saw Program has been brought into the UK to assist Network Rail and other Utility companies in controlling overgrown foliage.


Tiger's Aerial Saw Program 

Over the past few months, the Tiger team have been through a series of practical and theoretical examinations for our new Aerial Saw program in conjunction with RSS and Network Rail. Our team are now fully qualified to go on live railway lines up and down the UK. 


It’s been a very busy few months, but everyone is looking forward to the end of the bird nesting season when we can really demonstrate what our Aerial Saw program can do and bring to the UK.

We’re all really proud of the whole team and how the whole program has really come together over the last few months. For a program so unique and the first of its kind EVER to be carried in the UK is a massive achievement for our business. 




As an example, the aerial saw can clear a 300-meter section of the lineside vegetation, including hard woods such as oak trees, in just as little as 15 minutes. The turnaround time for cleanup takes around 45 minutes by using RRV's with a 360° grabber and a commercial chipper making it a smooth operation. 


On average, the aerial saw can trim between 1 and 3 miles daily. It would take a ground-based crew about one week to complete the same amount of work that could be achieved with the aerial saw in one hour of flying.


The aerial saw’s introduction into the UK is revolutionary. The technology has been used in Central Europe and North America for over 30 years! Initially, we are focusing on the rail sector, but it can also be used very effectively in the road and utilities sectors.

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