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How the school offers such good cost effective training
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Helicopter Training


We teach people to fly using the Robinson R22, R44 and Bell 206 JetRanger. The R22 is one of the most popular training machines and certainly one of the most reliable. It is very cost effective and once you have qualified, you can add the other Types of Helicopter to your License with us.


To obtain your Private Pilot’s licence you are required to fly a minimum of 45 hours (this may be reduced  to 39 hours if you already hold an aeroplane licence).


You may hire or buy a helicopter and use it to fly for business or pleasure. You can take friends or family sightseeing and visit different areas of the country as well as fly abroad. Beat the traffic jams and travel quickly and economically. There are 2000+ places to land helicopters including hotels, clubs, racecourses, private sites and airports. We can also assess your back garden!

The advantages of training with Tiger Helicopters

  • Ideal training location over the beautiful Herefordshire countryside

  • Friendly Airfield without long holding times

  • No excessive landing fees or hidden extras

  • Friendly club atmosphere and active social scene.

  • Highly qualified flight training staff.

  • Your own personal instructor.

  • Intensive Course available (4 to 6 weeks and you will be fully qualified as a Helicopter Pilot)

  • Flexible scheduling to suit you.

  • Assistance with financial planning and personalized career plan.

  • Transport & accommodation available if required.

  • Job placement assistance.

  • Excellent safety record

  • Good Location serving North Wales, South Wales and the West Midlands.

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Helicopter Flight Schools UK