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Making Films
"The Morals Of Becoming Wealthy
And Then Losing It."
Jetranger featured in Billionaire Boy

Tiger Helicopters is proud to have helped to provide our JetRanger for several scenes in a recent film shown on the BBC. This was to support the production of the film "Billionaire Boy" which was aired on New Year's Day 2017. It is an adaptation from the book of the same name by David Walliams and featured David himself, alongside famous actors, Warwick Davies and John Thomson, to name but a few.

Alan Ramsden and Robert Hields in Billionaire Boy
Robert Hields and Alan Ramsden in Billionaire Boy

The story is about a father (John Thomson) working at a toilet roll factory and earning barely enough money to live and support his only son at Christmas. He then comes up with an idea for a new "Minty fresh, double sided toilet roll!" and becomes a billionaire over night with his new company "Bum Fresh". One day his son forgets to take his homework to school (where David Walliams is the dinner lady!). In a panic, he then calls his father to tell him of the dilemma. Expecting him to discreetly arrive in the school car park in his car, his son is gobsmacked when his father flies into the school playing field in a new Helicopter with his homework. Bad decisions and poor investments, against the advice of his accommodating butler (Warwick Davies), and because of his over confidence and arrogance, he ends up losing everything! He then finds happiness back in a modest environment, back where he was originally, but with loving, caring people around him, rather than just lots of money. Excellent morals for the child audience that it is aimed at.

John Thomson in Billionaire Boy
John Thomson in Billionaire Boy
John Thomson in Billionaire Boy
Bell JetRanger Bum Air featured in Billionaire Boy
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