Trial Lesson
Have An Experience like No Other

At Tiger Helicopters, we know how important it is to make your first impression of aviation a fun, safe and exhilaration experience. Our Trial Lessons are designed to illustrate the complexities, as well as the simplistic natures of helicopter flight, including important safety provisions you will need to learn.

Our trial lessons are ideal for someone who has never set foot into a helicopter and wants to consider learning to fly. Or for someone who simply wants to be amazed by the mechanical genius machines that they are. Whatever your reasons, Tiger Helicopters are your perfect choice. You can buy one at the Tiger Shop, call us on 01568 708028 or email 

Helicopters ready to be checked
Fueling the Helicopter
Pre Flight Check
Clear Area
Starting the helicopter
Flying the Helicopter

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Tiger Helicopters

Shobdon Airfield


Herefordshire HR6 9NR


Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm Sundays By Appointment

Telephone : 01568 708028


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