Price listed includes postage & packagaing. If ordered through Tiger's website, the study pack will be delivered to Tiger & we will go through it with you to ensure all is in order.

As per the PPL Full Study Pack, but optimised for rotary-wing students, contains:
• Principles of Helicopter Flight
• PPL2, Air Law, Operational Procedures & Communications
• PPL3, Navigation & Meteorology
• PPL5, Human Factors & Flight Safety
• UK VFR Flight Guide
• UK En-Route Guide
• AS-5 16” navigation ruler
• AP-1 5” navigation protractor
• AVP-1 VFR plotter
• ARC-1 flight computer
• AFE VB-1s folding kneeboard & A5 VFR navigation log pad
• AFE Pilot’s Logbook
• 4-colour chart-marking pen set
• CAA 1:500 000 aeronautical chart (please specify area required)
• Soft-sided flight case

Pooleys Full Helicopter PPL Student Study Pack